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NEW!! Hardware Request Form
Posted by Kathy Blackley on 03 January 2018 03:09 PM

More Good News!!!

Please notice the button above titled "Hardware Request".  With the New Hires now going through Workday, you may have noticed there is nowhere in Workday to generate any equipment orders, so this is where you will need to go if you need any new IT related hardware such as a new PC, Phone, or Printer...   You can also use this if you need computer or phone equipment replaced in your Dealership.  This should be used as a request to purchase new equipment, repairs should be entered on a normal Helpdesk ticket.

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New Hire and Termination Updates
Posted by Curtis Blackley on 15 December 2017 11:53 AM

Good News Everyone!

As of Noon Mountain Time today, we are taking down the New Hire and Termination forms on the Helpdesk!


But Wait, how will the New Hires and Terminations get processed, you ask. Thanks to some programming Voodoo, and some Integration with Workday, New Hires and Terminations are automatically submitted to the helpdesk when the relative event happens in Workday. I won't bore you by going into all the technical details (I want to, but my boss wont let me), but this should streamline the process, and make it much quicker for both IT and Managers.


The Important things you need to know.

  • After hiring someone in Workday, you will recieve a Questionnaire from Workday. This needs to be filled out to get the details that were in the Helpdesk Forms to IT and the CRMs. 
  • The Questionnaire is much shorter than the Helpdesk Forms due to our ability to pull some data from Workday (18 questions I believe, most of which are Yes/No questions.
  • You will still get all the responses from the Helpdesk and CRMs.
  • Most Importantly: We are still working out a few bugs, and finding news ways to improve the system. You may see some slight changes between now and January.
  • If during the process, you notice anything odd, or you are missing information that you need, please let us know and we will fix it.
  • Hardware Requests have been removed from the Questionnaire, and will need to be submitted through the Helpdesk as a Ticket (We're building a form for it, but it isn't quite done yet.)


We're hoping that this new process will be a vast improvement for both IT and our fellow Employees.

Curtis Blackley


(Apologies for any weirdly worded sentences or things I've forgotten, I probably shouldn't write things the morning after a Star Wars premier.)

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New Users
Posted by Ian Ross on 30 August 2012 02:50 PM


BEFORE you can submit a ticket, you must first register for an account by clicking the Register button.



  1. Make sure you register with a "Dealership" email address otherwise your account will be deactivated.
  2. Once your register, you will receive an email at the email address you registered with.
  3. You must click on the link provided in that email to verify your account.
  4. Once your account has been verified you will be able to login and submit a ticket.

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